DOC suraksha neuropsychiatric and drug deaddiction center provides a range of out-patient, in-patient/ residential, outreach & home care, and emergency servises which comprehensively cater to mental healthcare concerns. DOC suraksha neuropsychiatric and drug deaddiction center is amongst a handful of independent providers of advanced mental healthcare services in India delivering such range and depth of services, customised to individual case requirements.

Inpatient Services

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DOC suraksha neuropsychiatric and drug deaddiction center is a 20 bedded specialized hospital Providing Management for patients with Psychiatric illness and with Addiction Disorders.

Assessment by team of Qualified Psychiatrists ,clinical psychologists, nurses, social workers

We provide respite to family members as the team takes care of the patient’s need.

Outpatient Services

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Assessment of patient for diagnostic clarification

Plan of management , which uncludes pharmacological and non pharmacological measures , is discussed with patient and family members

Pharmacological Therapies:

Acute detoxification for substance use disorders

Maintainance therapy

Pharmacotherapy for psychiatric disorders like depression,anxiety, OCD, Schizophrenia

Non pharmacological measures:

Individual and family counseling

Activity Scheduling

Monitoring  progress

Types of Non-pharmacological intervention:

•        Motivational Interviewing

•        Cognitive Behavior Therapy

•        Group psychotherapy

•        Contingency management

•        Family psycho-education – Includes

•        To recognize  signs of substance  relapse

•        To manage crisis

•        To prevent and manage violent behavior

•        To check & encourage patients adherence  to medication

To enable  the patient avoiding taking substance

Management is individualized….Tailored as per needs of patient and family members

Types of treatment


Twelve-step programs

Client-centered approaches


Psychotherapy is another effective dual diagnosis treatment plan. Education on a person’s illness and how their beliefs and behaviors influence their thoughts has shown to improve the symptoms of both mental illness and substance abuse. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in particular is effective in helping people with dual diagnosis to learn how to cope and change their ineffective patterns of thinking.

Self-Help and Support Groups:

Dealing with a dual diagnosis can be challenging and isolating. Support groups allow members to share frustrations, successes, referrals for specialists, where to find the best community resources and tips on what works best for their easy and quick recover. They build a positive relationship with the patient, provide encouragement and e

Other Services:

In addition to our world-class treatment program, contemporary facilities include:

  • Wifi
  • In-House Pharmacy
  • High Security with Security Cameras
  • Laundry Service
  • Activity room for  Yoga, Group Therapy
  • Dining Room
  • Family session room

Lab facility for inpatients

Team Members
Clinical Psychologists
Yoga teacher
Members of Alcoholic Anonymous(AA), Narcotic Anonymous (NA) groups
Members are specialized to provide Evidence based treatment for comprehensive management of psychiatric illness and addiction disorders