We combine evidence-based medicine for psychiatric and addiction disorders with  holistic healing approaches for healthy living. We emphasize on building social and occupational skills during rehabilitation process. Our focus is to strengthen the coping mechanisms and hasten the recovery process. Our contact does not end with the discharge of the patient. DISCHARGE IS JUST THE START OF HEALING PROCESS. We emphasize on  frequent follow ups to maintain recovery while living in community.

Doc Suraksha Neuropsychiatric Care and Drug Deaddiction Centre is registered with State Mental Health Authority (SMHA), Delhi and fulfills all the standards defined by SMHA, Delhi.

Doc Suraksha Neuropsychiatric Care and Drug Deaddiction Centre is a mental health establishment , follows the law under Mental Health Act, 2017

Doc Suraksha Neuropsychiatric Care and Drug Deaddiction Values

  • Care with compassion
  • High quality services in affordable cost
  • Team work in collaborative manner
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Efficiency, clinical & service excellence


Individualised treatment: Every patient has different needs which depends on socil, clinical, biological.environmental factorsWe ensure the identification of those factors and provide UNIQUE and INDIVIDUALIZED treatment. . Individual needs  of patients and family members are taken care of.

Evidence based treatment: We provide Evidence based treatment  to ensure best results.  It is the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values which when applied by practitioners will ultimately lead to improved patient outcome.

Each and every patient is managed by specialized and qualified team of doctors and other staff.

Treatment options: pharmacological and psychological measures are used for the treatment.

Yoga therapy, meditation, activity scheduling. Spiritual therapy, art therapy,  rehabilitation measures, group therapy, anonymous groups are offered to the patients

Dual diagnosis is taken care of. Multiple addictions are treated simultaneously

Family members are encouraged to meet patients. Transparency is ensured during treatment process

Respite care to family is provided


We value THE FAMILY and understand the issues faced by them,the isolation, stigma associated

Affordable Treatment

Our innovative model with holistic healing approaches and  science-based treatments are  integrated in innovative ways for  individualized experience.


  • Minimised triggers :inpatient setting provides you with environment that seperates you from the triggers like places, people, inducing craving and use of substance.
  • reduced levels of stress:In inpatient treatment, recreational activities are  given due importance. You can be away from everyday hassels
  • Care by expert team members round the clock: it helps in easy management with withdrawl and craving for the substance. Team members are compassionate helping you in the recovery.
  • Rehabilitation measures: Doc Suraksha Neuropsychiatric Care and Drug Deaddiction Centre provides monitored activity scheduling, supervised relaxation techniques alongwith occupational guidance for better AFTER-LIVING
  • Intergrated management encompassing various spheres of life focusing on coping skills, environmental factors, interpersonal issues and others

Our care continues after the discharge.


Psychiatric illness: Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorders, Mood Disorders like Depression, Anxiety disorders, OCD, sexual disorders and others

In India more than 80% patients suffering from psychiatric illness are unable to get any kind of treatment. Due to Psychiatric illnesses not only patient but whole family suffers. DOC suraksha neuropsychiatric and drug deaddiction center provides specialized services for all kind of psychiatric disorders.

Our team provide both in-patient as well as opd based treatment as per need.  

Early signs of recognition of psychiatric disorders: easy irritability, frequent fluctuation in mood state, feeling low, not able to enjoy, talking to self, increased suspeciousness, doing things repeatedly, fear of closed spaces, sexual disorder, recent behavior change etc.

Substance use disorders:

155 and 250 million people used illicit substances at least once.                                      

In India, as per UNODC & MSJE, 2004 report: 62.5 million alcohol users, 8.7 million cannabis users and 2 million opiates users  

Common substance use in our society are Alcohol, Cannabis (Ganja, Bhang, Charus), Cocaine, Tobacco, Inhalants (Silochan, Whitner, Glue etc), Opioids

DOC suraksha neuropsychiatric and drug deaddiction center deal with all kind of substance use disorder.

Dual diagnosis: co-existing psychiatric disorders and substance misuse with complex inter-relationship and  interaction

47% of people with schizophrenia misuse substances.

Though Dual Diagnosis cases are difficult to manage


once abstinent, the dual diagnosis patients have better prognosis than non substance user with  similar rates of hospitalizations



Psychiatry disorders
Dual diagnosis /co-occuring psychiatry and addiction disorders

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